Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Misrepresentation Of The People Act

How many of you are tired of your elected representatives lying to you? All too often, they do so to get elected. They [continue] to lie to "stay elected." They lie to cover up their misdeeds; actions they've had a direct or in-direct hand in, which resulted in a budget or monetary windfall realized by an associate of theirs (which I'm certain they're sharing in, as well). It's become "Big Business - the Art of Lying To The American People." Hmm, I think that might make for a good book title. Dibs!

Well, across the sea, in that place our forebears fought so hard to break free of (we all know it as the United Kingdom, UK for short), they're having the same sort of problem. But an act of legislation is being discussed which, if passed, might address it in full. It's called "The Misrepresentation Of The People Act" and I think it would be a wonderful(!) thing to have here in the States, as well! Just imagine if our elected officials could have their feet held to the fire for lying to us! Sure, the burden of proof would still be on whomever was bringing up the charge -- but the tools would be in place to sufficiently PUNISH the offending politician if the basis for bringing the charges was proven! Oh, what joy it would be to see the turn of the tide. To actually see politicians seeking office for the "right reasons" (to help and fairly represent us poor chumps), encouraged to do so because to do otherwise might put them in real harm's way of being punished -- and punished severely! I'm all for it.

Of course, I'm not naive. I know getting such a piece of legislation passed in this country is going to be every bit as difficult as it's proving to be over in the UK. But what does it hurt to try? Good Lord, there are other pieces of legislation we've been trying to get passed for decades — and we haven't given up on those! Here in Texas, we continually go back and forth on legislation which was targeted toward homosexuals, making it a criminal offense for us to show our love for our partner. (I'm not even certain where we stand on that at the moment, as we seemingly "win the fight" only to have it overturned a couple of years later. I know, I know, I should pay closer attention... I don't. At least, not to that particular piece of business - because my own attitude is "Fck em, I'm going to be who I am and to hell with anybody who wants to legislate my actions!" /rambling/ )

But to get back on track. Wouldn't you like to see legislation of this sort introduced here in the United States? Wouldn't it, if properly and thoroughly upheld, only serve to benefit all of us? Would not passing such legislation, perhaps, give a little hope to those of us who have [already] lost faith in the system? Good grief, just imagine if it really DID work!

One of the links provided from the Google search I did on "The Misrepresentation Of The People Act" led to a short video featuring responses from some of the (I think they call them "magistrate" in the UK - but I could be wrong) ... "the powers that be" will suffice, I suppose. Here is the link. Check it out and you tell me if this doesn't seem like the exact kind of feeble, rhetorical response we'd get from most of our own representatives right here in the States. (All the more reason to get this kind of legislation introduced and passed.)


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