Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ever failing economy and still we send more $$ overseas

The way I see it other nations look upon the U.S. as a great place to go when asking for assistance but when it comes time for those countries to repay us for all we've done they are nowhere to be found. Japan has benefited in more ways than I can describe (in part because of past aggressions which resulted in the institution of Article nine of its Constitution, prohibiting the country from maintaining land, sea and air forces). Though no “formal agreement” was ever in place whereby Japan officially relied on the United States for its defense — the continued presence of our troops over there cannot be mistaken as anything but…

Then there are our neighbors to the south who simply cannot seem to get a handle on the drug production and trafficking which continues to spill over the borders, creating more and more serious problems for our own country. While I’ve no doubt there is a lot of corruption, some at the highest levels of government, here within the U.S. I have less confidence in the politics of Mexico.

Let’s talk about the dollars that are being spent in Israel. Click here to see a breakdown of how much money has been “loaned” as compared to how much was given as “grants” to the country for military and economic purposes. Will we ever be repaid? I’m doubtful… We gave Israel $2,340 million (that’s almost $2.5 billion folks!) in 2007 alone to benefit their Israel's military, an additional $120 million in economic aid and another $40 million for the resettling of Jewish refugees.)

The aid we’ve given (and continue to give) to Israel and Egypt is for the most part just a reward for the cold peace in 1979. I have a difficult time believing what we’ve seen coming out of the Middle East is “peace.” Furthermore, if those in the Middle East sincerely believe theirs is a climate of peace then perhaps we could do far better spending our hard-earned dollars elsewhere — like here at home.

Of course we could always take a moment to talk about China. They do after all hold human rights in such high regard (sarcasm intended). Personally speaking, I am simply tired of seeing our country rushing in all of the time to police the affairs of the rest of the world when all it gets us is their disdain and uses up resources which could be put (in my opinion) to better use right here within our own borders. I’ve argued before that we’re a country founded on variety, ingenuity and opportunities. That we have flourished BECAUSE of our open borders and welcoming arms, but… I believe it is high time to say “enough is enough” and start handling our own affairs. It’s also time to close the loopholes which give tax incentives to those businesses that are quick to take jobs out of the USA and outsource to other countries.

It is time that American citizens stopped bickering amongst themselves long enough to take an active interest in just how our tax dollars are being spent and where the loyalties of this great nation lie. If we don’t… Well, I’m afraid that the future will be very bleak indeed. We are already experiencing trying times with an economy in deep distress … as more and more are being laid off from their jobs every day. When do we stand up and say, “Enough!”?

Just wondering.

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