Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best Things About Being Gay


Unlike one of my younger friends (who is also gay), I tend to write about gay topics more often --- or at least make comparisons to how I, as a gay middle-aged man, might feel about something from the perspective of my being gay. <shrugs> Meh! Sometimes, it's just all in fun ... like today's blog entry.

Althought some of the "reasons" identified in this entry may seem 'spot-on' with others who are gay, it is an attempt at humor. Nothing more, nothing less...


The Ten Best things about being gay Are:

  • No unexpected pregnancies.

  • I get to set my own rules; nobody expects me to meet their (str8) expectations anymore. I don’t have to get married, settle down, raise kids, take on a mortgage – unless I want to.

  • It has taught me to think for myself and be independent from others’ opinions. I don’t walk around with my finger in their noses, why should I walk around with my head in their opinions?

  • It’s easier to save money: no wife, no kids, no school payments, etc.

  • Since I am not tied down with family obligations, I have more time to travel, to study, to be with people I want to be with, to learn what I want to learn.

  • I can be *friends* with members of the opposite sex, without the added pressure of being expected make it a sexual relationship.

  • That once you come out, you discover who your true friends were in the first place, and those who were just playing along.

  • It has taught me never to judge a book by its cover, and never to believe in stereotypes.

  • After I came out, I realized that being gay was not my problem, and it never was – it was other people’s problem all that time – and it’s all in their narrow-minded heads.

  • Being able to look at hot guys and just enjoy looking. My str8 male friends can’t do that (or at least, they won’t admit it!).

Feel free to add your own to the list! LOL.

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