Saturday, February 20, 2010

Murder and Molestation


Today’s entry isn’t upbeat; it isn’t even about a topic that’s easy to talk about. It is, however in response to some of the bullshit I occasionally read over on the Topix website.

One might ask, “Well, then why go to that site? Why subject yourself to such comments and messages of hate?” The answer, for the same reasons I always have. To call such people on their crap and serve as a voice of reason among a wilderness of homophobes, bigotry and racism; in short, prejudice.

As a 46-year-old gay man I haven’t seen it all but I’ve experienced enough of life to know it’s certainly not always bright and shiny, or even fair. Sometimes life is nothing short of cruel and ugly.

Does that make it any less precious or less deserving of the effort it sometimes takes to get up in the morning? No!

Today’s entry is in reaction to the baseless claims by those bigots who say that homosexuals are a danger to our communities. Some claim we are all pedophiles at heart (bullshit!) and there are those who think we’re predisposed to be killers; mass murderers. I’ll not respond to the latter, save to provide you with a list of mass murderers and serial killers who were/are straight (see below).

Heterosexual mass murderers and serial killers:

  • Adolf Hitler
  • Ahmad Suradji (42)
  • Albert DeSalvo
  • Andrei Chikatilo (52+)
  • Anatoly Onoprienko (52)
  • Anthony Sowell (Cleveland, currently under arrest – 11 female bodies found in and around his house)
  • Bruno Ludke (80)
  • Carlton Grey
  • Charles Manson (married Rosalie Jean Willis)
  • Danny Harold Rolling
  • David Berkowitz “Son of Sam”
  • Douglas Clark “The Sunset Strip Slayer”
  • Ed Gein
  • Eric Elliot & Lewis Gilbert
  • George Putt
  • Gerald Eugene Stano (41)
  • Gerald Gallego
  • Gilles de Rais (140+)
  • Green River killer Gary Ridgway
  • Henry Lee Lucas & Ottis Toole (6-200+)
  • H. H. Holmes (200+) (“murder castle” mansion where women were tortured and gassed; married thrice; born Herman Webster Mudgett)
  • Hubert Harolds
  • Hu Wanlin (100+)
  • Idi Amin (Ugandian dictator, admired Adolf Hitler, married SIX times, stabbed corpses and sucked blood)
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Javed Iqbal (100)
  • Kevin Haley
  • Lawrence Bittaker, Roy Norris and their “Murder Mac”
  • Luis Alfredo Gavarito (140)
  • Michael Swango (60 +/-)
  • Moses Sithole (38+)
  • Paul John Knowles
  • Pedro Alonso Lopez (300+) deadliest serial killer of Archives; known as “Monster of the Andes”
  • Pee Wee Gaskins (100+)
  • Randy Woodfield
  • Richard “Iceman” Kuklinski (40+)
  • Saddam Hussein (married twice, gassed entire cities, ran concentration camps/torture centers)
  • Stalin (WWII leader, starved peasants and conducted mass purges, married twice)
  • Ted Bundy
  • The Zodiac Murder
  • Richard Cottingham
  • Harrison Graham
  • William Heirens
  • William Suff

As for pedophiles, predators of children are just that; predators. I’m not absolving them of their crimes. They’re sick bastards and they are to be loathed but it isn’t the predator’s sexuality that motivates him or her to abuse children. Granted, I’ve no training in psychology but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that, just as a rapist’s crime is all about power and control so too is a pedophile’s. It takes a lack of compassion, of love for humanity and a sick, selfish mindset for a beast to unleash his or her anger and predatory nature on another person. “Do some predators identify as homosexual?” Sadly, yes; our community is not safe from such self-interested fucks, no less or more so than the heterosexual community is.

The surprising thing is a number of studies seem to support there are more (percentage wise) pedophiles who identify as heterosexual then there are those who identify as gay or bisexual. In my opinion, it’s a moot point. A pedophile’s sexual orientation is not the crime; rather, their willingness to force others to do their bidding against their will is. Moreover, were I to get my wish, all pedophiles would have their nuts cut off or (if female) their va-jay-jay’s sewn shut. (FWIW, I feel the same way about rapists.)

Why do I have such strong opinions about this? Was I ever molested as a child?

The answer to the last question is simply, “no.” It’s true that there was a time that I apparently came very close to being molested and killed as a kid of four (by a total stranger whose car I was about to step into). I would have been a statistic had a neighbor who babysat me not demanded my attention and coaxed me to step away from the vehicle and go to her instead. At least, that’s the story Mom tells me. Apparently, the following morning the body of a young boy was found, having been molested, killed and dumped in a dumpster down the block from the apartment complex that we lived in.

I came close to being a victim but no, I myself have never been abused as a child.

My close call with abuse and death isn’t even a factor in why I feel so strongly about the matter. My feelings are simply the consequence of my concern for the well-being of our world’s children. Kids should have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood and shouldn’t be screwed up because some fucked-up adult just wants to prove he’s a man (or she’s a woman) by exercising control over a defenseless child. ALL adults should have nothing but the best-interests of a child at heart!

Because of my own feelings about pedophiles, I DETEST the existence of the groups NAMBLA and NAMGLA. (NAMBLA stands for “North American Man/Boy Love Association” and NAMGLA, of course, is short for “North American Man/Girl Love Association”.)

It honestly escapes ANY measure of understanding, on my part as to how such organizations can even exist. Simply by their organization’s names, it’s clear that they cater to the whims of adult males whose ONLY interest is in taking advantage of underage children. Why oh why oh why oh why hasn’t our government taken a firmer stance against these people? Why ARE they allowed to exist when everything that they stand for is representative of an act that is “against the law”?! I just do not understand…

NAMBLA is also a “black eye” for the gay community, not because our own sexual orientation makes “us” pedophiles but because our detractors just love to make the argument that, because the organization is all about men with boys it is a gay thing. It isn’t; it’s a “PEDOPHILE” thing! Saying that is like saying a rapist is a rapist because he’s gay or straight; no, he’s just a fucking rapist. Pedophiles are pedophiles. Murderers are murderers. And gang-bangers are thugs.

Don’t think for a moment that because I’m gay I’m a pedophile.

I’ll do my damnedest to help gay youth get through the struggles they face, as they come to terms with their own sexual orientations and go out into the world but I don’t encourage relations between minors and adults. Never have and never will.

It somehow seems out of place to end this blog with “Namaste” but since I know that those who follow my blogs, as a general rule ARE honorable and loving and just “good people”…


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  • Anna Koren Graphology Center Ltd. (An interesting page which provides a breakdown/statistics of serial killers by region, race, gender, age and sexual orientation. Again, I can’t speak as to the accuracy of same as I don’t know anything about their research. For reference.)
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