Saturday, February 6, 2010

Primary Blog Back Up and Running


Friends who've followed my blogs in the past know this blog is only really used as a backup because of the limited ability to include some of the media and widgets that I sometimes like to include.

(Basically, this site is used when my primary blog is down.) That has unfortunately been the case since around November of last year but because of the holidays, unemployment and a myriad of personal issues that have precluded me from addressing the issue and/or really even focusing on writing.. well, it just hasn't been resolved until recently.

As some of you may be aware, old blog was parked on (my old personal web site).

That site is no longer up and running because the service provider ( failed to notify me of a problem with my billing information in time to prevent service interruption. Give the numerous other issues I had with the service levels provided by Hostonce, I decided not to renew and instead open an account with (which I've been happy with thus far).

The name of my new web site is and my PRIMARY blog is up and running there.

For those who may be wondering "why two blogs, a primary and a backup?" here is my answer. The primary blog allows me more control over formatting and the overall look. I am also able to include widgets and media that is sometimes simply impossible here on blogspot. This is a great place to park a backup site but either I haven't mastered its intricacies yet (which is a given in my opinion) or it just isn't possible to do everything I'd like to do here.

The upside to blogspot is that I expect the domain to be around for a long time to come and were I to pass on unexpectedly, at least I can rest easy that my presence HERE will likely survive long after my the contract for my primary site is expired and it no longer is available to the public.

Anyway, the new PRIMARY BLOG includes all but a few [blog] entries that I'd not backed up in time late last year. It may be accessed at the following address:

I hope that you will follow me on "Quips and Quills" and offer my apologies to anyone who has been missing me. Just know that we are now back up and running in full force. Do enjoy the ride!

Michael (N1Spirit)

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