Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Blog Worth Following


This blog entry is dedicated to a much younger friend (he turns 22 on April 26th of this year), Michael. I could never say enough about this young man; what he has gone through and how tremendously well he has responded to his own demons. His life has not been an easy one but if you will take the time to share in his journey, by following the blogs he will (in time) share with his readers you will benefit greatly...

— Loving regards,

To Mikey:

(First off, I want you to be certain to allow David, your other loving half, to read what I am about to say. If you will do this I'm confident he will reiterate, telling you that everything I've given you credit for here is well-deserved!)

You've shared enough since we became friends, for me to understand just why you feel as you do about MySpace… Furthermore, anyone who "knows you" who is unwilling to give you the benefit of the doubt and understand that you have had good reasons for your actions, does not deserve your friendship. (I am, of course talking about your priorities of recent which have resulted in your not being able to spend as much time staying in touch with your Internet friends. IF they are friends, they will understand.)

I'm hopeful you will find a way to integrate your journal entries here now that you have established an Internet presence; entries I am convinced have the power to benefit many!!!

As for litigation and the possibility your online activities will be monitored, I don't know what to say besides, "Fuck them!"

I know that such language is quite unlike me (when you and I are exchanging messages anyway) but given what you have shared and knowing you as I do it seems quite unfair that such a loving child of God has to endure this b.s. all these long years later. It angers me to the point that I want to put my fist through a wall — or through the faces of those who have caused you all of this stress.

Okay, enough about that… Those bastards don't deserve the additional attention so instead let me proceed by saying:

You know that I care about you like a much-younger brother—not because of what is on the outside but because of the beauty that is found deep within. I find it humorous you would warn others to "hang on because it's going to be a 'rough' ride." Simply put, nothing about you is "rough." It will assuredly be a "bumpy" ride, however with both highs and lows as you share your thoughts on different subject matters and [especially] as you share with others those experiences that have helped to mold you into the loving young man you are today. That is part of your charm, Mikey; your ability to get real, to get serious and to say what you think in such a way as to provoke real thought from those who are blessed to enjoy your company.

You are reserved with your oratory affections (I understand) but I offer this observation for those who (1) take the time to read the introduction that appears at the top of your blog, and (2) are prepared to follow your blog. That observation would be:

"Michael is a loving, grounded soul that does not suffer fools lightly (despite playful metaphors). Should you make the decision to follow his blog, know that he is a young man but he is an "old soul." He is compassionate, giving and forgiving to a fault. If you take the time to visit his blog regularly, as entries are published, you will be blessed to hear from a man who speaks from his heart. What he shares with his readers is honesty; a frankness that is expressed with a voice that is both unique and beautiful ("Mikey" is exceptional at drawing his reader in, in such a way s/he is both entertained AND educated!). In short, the time you spend reading Michael's blog will be rewarded many times over by the "Love" he has to share with his readers."

You blushing yet, Michael?! ROFL!!! For those reading, Mikey does not always know how to take heartfelt compliments. I hear that he blushes easily and unmercifully! (and it gives me great pleasure sometimes to give him cause to do so). :p

But seriously, you deserve every word of what I've written and just know that I'm thrilled that David will be able to spend the four months with you in Bali (though I'm not quite certain Bali is PREPARED for what is about to be unleashed upon them)! LOL. *facepalm*

In closing, let me [again] just say that I love ya, buddy. At such a young age you are an inspiration for myself and for others. You certainly should not have had to suffer the disrespect you have endured but your drive to persevere and survive in the face of such struggles, and to do so with honor and in such a way that you are capable of freely giving of yourself and your time; these are things which I admire and love you for. I know that you have often said that you are the lucky one, for having David in your life. Let me say (and he will agree) that David is a very fortunate young man to have you in his life — and as I have always said, your mother and the rest of your family are very special in my eyes as well. My heart goes out to each of them in turn.

Hugs, love and all my best to you as you continue along your journey.

Michael in Dallas ;-)


For those wishing to follow Michael's blog (which is titled "Let Me Tell You What I Think"), please follow the link provided below.

His blog presence on the Internet is fairly new so please give him the time necessary to upload whatever entries he already has prepared, as well as blogs about current events in his life. But if you will be patient and wait for the work, you will NOT be disappointed! He's a master story-teller (and by that I only mean to suggest he can take a subject and write about it in such a way that even the dullest of topics can be interesting). Yes, perhaps I am biased. Is that really a bad thing? LOL

If you take the time to follow him I think you will find that everything I've said about Michael is true.

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