Thursday, February 11, 2010

It ain't the smell of va-jay-jay...


It isn’t the smell of “va-jay-jay” that prevents me from being straight; I’ve never smelled one (and have no interest in doing so I might add). *laughs* In another post I began to explain why I bat for the home team. I’d like to expand on that a little in this post.

It so happens that another gay man posting in Topix was describing how he’d had sex with a woman once, hoping it would “cure” him. He’d thought, as many who struggle with self-acceptance do, that the “problem” (his words, not mine) might just be that he’d never tried it — so he stood at the plate and took the proverbial swing with his bat. “HEeyyyyy batter, batter!" ;-)

He didn’t see stars folks… Sure, he made the run around the field after getting a hit but the excitement wasn’t there. His thoughts after it was all over were “this is it????

For a homosexual that’s really it folks. Sure, we might be able to spill our seed (maybe!) but there just isn’t anywhere else to go from there. No stars, no revelations, no lasting (if there was ever any in the first place) attraction for the person we just bedded. We just don’t react to the opposite sex the same as a heterosexual does.

(Don’t get me wrong; bisexuals are capable of being turned on by either gender but I’m talking about your standard, run-of-the-mill gay guy like myself right now.)

fed up writes

..thanks for your honesty and effort to take one for the team. there would be no way ever on earth i could do what you did in reverse, sorry bro but i’d rather not “give it a try”. as for the ladies smell i was referring to the light air of a perfume or lotion they wear. lmao, but i know where you were going with that one.. [snipped for brevity]

I commend this person for his candor and his honesty. Most who take exception with homosexuality and believe it’s a “choice” are unwilling to admit their inability to make such a choice were the shoe on the other foot. This guy does; he clearly states he’d rather “not give it a try.” I don’t take that as a back-handed slap but simply as a heterosexual guy admitting he couldn’t “choose” to be gay; the concept of choice (regarding one’s sexual orientation) isn’t valid, people.

Moving along…

Often is the case (maybe when we’re out of our comfort zone) where we joke about the smell of va-jay-jay but I don’t find women repugnant and I don’t believe they all have smelly twats. I can well-appreciate a beautiful woman for her beauty; I’m just not turned on or attracted to them in a sexual way.

Maybe it’s best to just say that I don’t have the hormonal reaction to women that straight men do (and I never have). In all fairness, straight men don’t have the hormonal reaction to other men that I do.

Moreover, my reaction to a specific person isn’t because of what I might think the sex could possibly be like with him; it goes deeper than the physical attraction. (The possibility of bodily friction is just a bit of frosting on the cake, is all. “HEyyy batter, batter!”)

I’m a big time face guy! You don’t have to have a beautiful or even a chiseled face but the face IS [usually] the first thing I look at on a guy. If he passes muster and has kind, sensitive eyes; the kind of which are reminiscent of an old, caring soul I’ll definitely begin to pay closer attention to the rest of the package.

But the reverse is also true… If I’ve begun [looking] at all the rest of him, only to find he’s got cold or distrustful eyes “it is all over!” Eyes are the windows of the soul. I won’t expend effort on a guy if I’m convinced I can’t trust him because of what I see in his eyes.(Been there, done that — put in almost seven years with a guy who made me feel like total crap and I never want to go down that road again if I can help it.)

In closing, I don’t believe a homosexual (someone whose ONLY attraction, as measured on the Kinsey scale is to a member of the same sex) can have the same hormonal reaction to someone of the opposite sex.

But that’s me… I want to hear what others are thinking!


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